Hey chief, we created Memos where we hand-curate every high paying remote work opportunity that are eligible for Africans. Save a LOT of time wasted on browsing fake remote jobs that are not really remote. To keep this project sustainable, we charge N500/month OR N6,000 per year. You can cancel your subscription anytime.

Automatically become a Memos Affiliate and start earning as high as N100,000 monthly when you purchase the annual premium membership plan.

Level Price  
Monthly Premium ₦500.00 per Month. Select
Quarterly Premium ₦1,500.00 every 3 Months. Select
Bi-annual Premium ₦2,500.00 every 6 Months. Select
Annual Premium ₦5,000.00 per Year. Select

What you get.

A Clean, Ad-Free, Scam-Free Remote Job Listing.

We are dedicated and passionate about providing a better remote job search experience, and a big part of that means being able to trust the jobs you’re looking at are legitimate, and not having to deal with the annoying/distracting ads or wondering if a job is “too good to be true” (aka, “a job scam”). Unfortunately, scammers are aggressive, can be surprisingly savvy, and are found on all major job boards–except ours! Our trained team hand-screens every single remote job and company for legitimacy, so only the best, professional jobs get posted.

Direct connection to real high-paying remote jobs from early/growth stage or leading startups backed by VCs like Sequoia, a16z, Y-combinator, Google, Andreessen Horowitz, Tiger Global, Greylock, among others around the world. Earn between $1,000 – $7,000 monthly.

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