Remote Growth Marketer wanted in a company in the Netherlands.

  • Full Time
  • Remote



You have at least 3 – 5 years in a related digital marketing, growth or user acquisition-focused role.
Strong experience working on multiple objectives, audiences and/or products simultaneously.
You love working with KPIs because if you’re showing great numbers then it’s technically not bragging.
Experience in e-commerce marketing or workforce sourcing will win you bonus points.
You mix the confidence to own your projects with the humility to contribute your skills as a resource to others when required.
Your well-rounded marketing skillset would make a Swiss Army Knife blush.
Advanced or native English speaker, so you can casually drop phrases like ‘truly prodigious conversion’ and ‘unfathomably exceptional return on investment’ with ease.
Your Bachelors or Masters degree in the marketing field is the foundation on which you have built your skills.

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