Software Engineering Manager wanted remotely in a North American Company

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Someone with a fair amount of experience working on both server- and client-side web software. You should have familiarity with cloud development, why Test Driven Development (TDD) is critical while writing code, what makes an API RESTFul, what React is, what an XSS attack is, and how an MVC web framework works. That will probably mean you’ve been doing this stuff for a few years.

Someone who understands fundamental computer science concepts. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have a CS degree. But you should be able to describe how a pointer works, what Big O notation is and how to use it, when to use composition and when to use inheritance and the differences between an array and a linked list and a set.

Someone with a firm grasp of SQL and databases in general (including non-relational databases). You should know how to do CRUD operations, what indexes are and why they matter, and the difference between a left join and an inner join for instance.

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