Software Engineer wanted remotely in a U.S Company

  • Full Time
  • Remote



Advanced knowledge of React or React Native and Typescript
Consuming data layers with React Query, Apollo Client, or similar
Built and shipped native apps, leveraging React Native or other mobile technologies
Solid knowledge of JavaScript fundamentals
Experience with end to end testing solutions along with unit testing(Vitest/React Testing Library)
Bonus points:

Ability to debug backend code you may have issues with
Familiarity with other tech: Node.js, GraphQL, tRPC, gRPC, AWS, GCP, Docker, etc
Familiarity with CI/CD pipelines, Docker, etc
Familiarity with React Native for Windows + macOS
Familiarity with serverless architecture on AWS or Google Cloud
Experience writing native iOS with Swift and native Android with Kotlin/Java
Experience with Expo
You’re always learning new things and passionate about new tech to help us make better product decisions
You know how to balance striving for perfection with having to ship it

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