Logistics & Supply Chain eCommerce Specialist wanted remotely in a U.S Company

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HelloChakra LLC


An experienced professional with 4+ years at least in the e-commerce supply chain.
Used to liaise with international suppliers, especially from China, in text and over calls.
Someone who has orchestrated numerous purchase orders understands the intricacies of the process. Familiar with different incoterms like FOB, EXW, etc., and can efficiently coordinate the entire purchase order process.
Familiar with VAT importation, clearance procedures, and the nuances of indirect representation.
Proficient in Amazon FBA and 3PL (Third-party) logistics, from shipment planning to warehousing and cost optimization.
A forward-thinker, ready to lead new projects and not just maintain existing processes.
Highly skilled with tools like Google Spreadsheets and Excel for data management and calculations. (Bonus points if experienced with Notion databases and relations).
Knowledgeable in inventory forecasting and stock management.
Well-versed in sea (FCL & LCL) and air shipments, understanding importation rules and HTS/HS codes. Bonus for direct experience with DHL or UPS.
Efficient in creating clear reports and organizing vast amounts of information.
Experienced with Amazon MFN and Shopify fulfillment.
Understands the intricacies of calculating costs of goods sold, landed costs, and their significance in determining ROI and margins.

Key responsibilities:

Lead and optimize the e-commerce supply chain, ensuring smooth operations from supplier to customer.
Research and implement new solutions to enhance logistics and operations.
Communicate and negotiate with international suppliers, ensuring timely and cost-effective procurement.
Oversee purchase order inspections, ensuring quality and compliance.
Manage VAT importation and clearance processes.
Optimize Amazon FBA logistics, from shipment planning to warehousing.
Lead new logistics and operation projects, ensuring alignment with company goals.
Identify and rectify inefficiencies in the supply chain.
Manage data efficiently using tools like Google Spreadsheets and Notion databases.
Forecast inventory needs and manage stock levels.
Make informed logistics decisions based on market trends and consumer behavior.
Coordinate sea and air shipments, ensuring compliance with importation rules.
Create clear and concise reports on logistics and operations.
Manage Amazon MFN and Shopify fulfillment processes.
Calculate and analyze costs to determine ROI and margins.
Negotiate with suppliers and partners to secure the best deals.
Set, commit to, and achieve specific goals and timelines.

To apply for this job please visit docs.google.com.

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