Site Reliability Engineer wanted remotely in a U.S Company

  • Full Time
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Film House Weddings


6+ years of production experience with AWS and:

Aurora RDS (MySQL), Lambda, S3, SQS (Simple Queue Service).
Practical application with Infrastructure and Application Monitoring (We use Sentry, Honeycomb, and CloudWatch).
Comfortable debugging running applications for memory leaks, CPU, and usage, especially under Apache, mod_wsgi, Nginx, and Gunicorn.
Broad knowledge of AWS cloud security (AWS Inspector, Guard Duty. WAF & Security Hub), infrastructure-as-code.
The skills to write infrastructure-as-code and automate routine activities.
A record of working with distributed teams across an organization to achieve goals.
Python (preferably 3.6+).
Terraform including authoring modules.
Docker and building images including multi-stage with secrets
CI/CD automation (we use GitHub Action, AWS CodeBuild, and CodePipeline)

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