Front End Developer wanted remotely in a U.S Company

  • Full Time
  • Remote



6+ years experience as a software developer working on large and/or fast scaling product
3+ years experience working with Javascript and a deep understanding in React/Redux including concepts such as Hooks and functional components
Ability to architect elegant solutions to complex problems using appropriate abstractions and techniques
Comfortable working with large code bases
Experience working with Restful APIs
Proficient using JSX/ES2020+/HTML/CSS
Experience with Material UI or Ant Design
Champion best practices and performance improvements
Experience with automated testing suites like Jest and React Testing Library
Ability to debug a codebase in a self-sufficient manner
Excellent written and verbal communication
Knowledge of SOLID Principles, Domain Modeling, and Design Patterns is a major benefit
Ability to mentor and grow team members, and provide technical guidance and oversight on implementation direction

Experience working with Typescript and writing strongly typed React components and hooks
Experience with React-Query or similar libraries for API-driven React components
Knowledge of developing mobile applications through Capacitor, Cordova, or React Native
Experience with Docker, AWS, and CI/CD like GitHub Actions

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