CRM / No-code Solutions Builder wanted in a 100% internet company.

  • Full Time
  • Remote

Elite Software Automation


This is NOT a fresh entry level role, you are expected to have some relevant experience and ability to produce from the beginning: this will be tested for in test assignment and will be expected from Day 1.
Expectations of functional detail awareness, and quality of execution will be just as rigorous as for the Advanced Level – those expectations are high, critical, and non-negotiable regardless of the level.
We will expect you to produce independently from documented technical designs given to you and to independently check your work and participate in our build process as outlined above, although we do understand that you may need guidance from more experienced members of our organization, and we understand that some high level decisions you may require hands on advice on, however, we expect that you will be proactive about seeking such guidance and that you will learn actively from it, incorporating it into your future work.
We will expect you to grow into Advanced Level after some time.

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