Senior Software Engineer, Data Engineering wanted in a Web3 company.

  • Full Time
  • Remote



You are a strong generalist with fundamental computer science knowledge. You use this knowledge to easily adapt to new technologies and scenarios, and to find the right solutions for the problems at hand.
You have an understanding of distributed system design. Our work is as much about understanding and designing systems as it is about coding in a particular language.
You have great collaboration and communication skills. We work on the principle that the best output emerges from effective team work and respectful/constructive discussions.
Versatility. You will be working within your team across the following spectrum:

Coding in Python, SQL, Kotlin and Go with a zeal for writing testable software
Data pipeline and workflow orchestration tools (e.g. DBT, Dagster)
Deployment and infrastructure in public cloud platforms (e.g. Terraform, Kubernetes)
CI / CD pipelines

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