Product Design Manager UX/UI wanted

  • Full Time
  • Remote



4-5 years experience in UX/UI design, publications, and/or designing for tech companies.
Previous experience working in a product company, including involvement in product operations.
Extensive experience in both web and mobile design.
A deep understanding of user-centered design principles and methods.
Strong typography and color knowledge and fundamentals.
Ability to prototype rapidly, and take in team & customer feedback within the process.
Experience in design strategy, in addition to execution, is a plus.
Proficiency in design and prototype development tools like Figma, Sketch, Adobe, etc.
A knack for grasping concepts and products quickly and his ability to self govern
Experience with blockchain/Web3 or fintech or a demonstrated learning interest.
A desire and ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment.
As a fully remote organization, we strive for efficient collaboration. Despite our geographic diversity, we all operate and coordinate synchronously within these specified time zones: CEST, EST, and KST. This practice allows us to synergize effectively with your core team and ensure seamless operations.

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