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Client Accelerators

Do you Love Digital Marketing?

Do you want to get in on the ground floor of a leading advertising agency?

Want to be the ‘Robin’ to someone’s Batman?

If so.. you might be exactly who we’re looking for.

Here, at Client Accelerators, we are looking to hire a Virtual Assistant to work with one of our Senior Media Buyers (SMB) in order to help manage his workload & take the bottom 50% of tasks off his plate that don’t move the company forward. We are looking for the VA to be energetic, proactive, analytical and having keen interest in digital marketing.

As our VA, your sole job is to make sure that many of his day-to-day necessities are taken care of so his time is freed up for thinking, media buying and running high level strategic objectives. Given his time constraints and personality, some of his requests to you will be abstract and ambiguous.

To be the best virtual assistant for him, you will need to be flexible, calm under pressure, a strategic thinker, and also able to work quickly when needed.


VA Responsibilities
As a Virtual Assistant, we expect you to work closely with our Senior Media Buyer to improve the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), develop and implement new strategies to increase the efficiency of the Client Fulfillment Team. Primary responsibilities include but are not limited to:


Calendar Management: Each week, ensuring the SMB’s agenda is set. You will do this by taking all items/projects where he is needed and prioritizing them, then blocking off times of the day for him to work on each. Your job is to ensure maximum productivity within his working hours.
Client Communication: You will be tasked with answering up to 50 – 60% of all client requests in Slack, and getting clarification on any other requests that you do not know how to answer, with the goal of eventually answering 95% of client questions.
Client Reporting: Compile weekly progress update metrics by extracting and analyzing clients’ performance data. These reports are crucial for client meetings, providing insights into achievements, challenges, and growth opportunities. Your role involves gathering key statistics to facilitate informed discussions, enhance client satisfaction, and drive strategic decisions.
Debrief SMB: At the beginning of each day on emails/messages/requests/inquiries that you cannot respond to without their insight.
Project Statuses & Initiatives: Meeting Minutes on the Weekly Executive Meeting, 1-1’s, and documenting project status from these meetings to hold attendees accountable. Update project statuses (daily and weekly) and follow up with pending tasks.
End-of-Day Reporting: Summarizing daily tasks, client interactions, and challenges in a concise report for the Senior Media Buyer’s review. This report aids in tracking progress, identifying issues, and making informed decisions.
Exploring new integration tools and processes for increasing the efficiency of the team.
Task Management: Understanding all the task management tools like ASANA and CLICKUP.
Working with Finance and Operations Teams as required.
Problem-Solving: Working on solving problems related to accounts and clients.
Other administrative and operational tasks.
Bachelor’s degree.
Minimum 2 years relevant experience.
Digital Marketing knowledge is a plus.
Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to work well with individuals at all levels of the company.
Demonstrated proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite including Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
Proven ability to perform in a fast-paced, dynamic environment.
Ability to handle multiple high priority tasks at a time without losing focus on daily responsibilities.
Laptop with high speed internet access (Windows preferred but not required).
Self-directed, flexible and enthusiastic with a focus on Results.
Exceptionally strong time management and organizational skill set, excellence in both written and verbal communication with superior follow-through skills.
Proactive in nature with the ability to multitask while still providing a high attention to detail and deadlines.
Excellent analytical and problem solving skills with the ability to “think on your feet”.
This is a fully remote position and you’ll be starting under $1,200/month
Paid Leaves
Flexible Working Hours

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