Senior Engineering Manager wanted in a US company

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You have experience leading and managing engineering teams.
You have a history of holding your team(s) accountable for achieving their goals while operating with high levels of autonomy.
You have a technical background and are passionate about delivering maintainable and well-tested software. Engineering managers at Buffer have typically worked as senior engineers during their career.
You use your time effectively and efficiently, and ensure that your team does the same. You manage projects using your organizational skills to ensure that they are delivered optimally.
You have experience working with data and making decisions that are centered on customer needs.
You know how to work with a team to move fast, ship an MVP, and get early data and feedback
You are capable of leading globally distributed team members who may have different skillsets to your own.
You have a deep understanding of how software is built and deployed.Our frontend is built with React.js, and we have a service-orientated architecture with microservices built using Node.js, TypeScript, PHP, and GraphQL.
All of our engineering teams are full-stack so an understanding of building both front-end and back-end applications, as well as knowledge of any server-side language and JavaScript, would be helpful.
Able to work proficiently using English, as we work exclusively in this language.

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