A Senior Software Engineer is wanted remotely in a US non-profit organization.

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Avaaz is an international campaigning and advocacy organization that provides its global membership of over 70 million people with opportunities to make our world a better place. This includes protecting human rights, saving our planet from climate change and other threats, and fighting to stop disinformation and other cyber threats from undermining our democracies.

Our tech needs are growing, and we’re looking for senior software engineers to join our tight-knit group of outstanding professionals, working from home in many different countries. If you’re up for an adventure, read on…

The ideal candidate should have experience designing and developing reliable software services that run at scale using modern technologies and methodologies. They should have a deep understanding of software architecture, application security, infrastructure, testing, and databases.


As a Senior Software Engineer you will…

– Architect reliable, secure, and scalable systems.
– Deliver simple, maintainable, secure, and well functioning software.
– Be responsible for the lifecycle of our applications, including their documentation.
– Continuously improve our build, testing, and deployment automation.
– Mentor other developers, share knowledge with your peers, and help shape the team’s technical growth.
– Improve tech and campaigns teams’ efficiency through innovative solutions to day-to-day challenges.


You should apply for this role if you have a strong desire to create a positive impact in the world and feel that you have the necessary skills, even if you don’t meet all the requirements below:

– Self-motivation and willingness to challenge yourself and grow.
– High professionalism, efficiency, and results-oriented delivery.
– Fluency in spoken and written English.
– Strong written and verbal communication skills, and comfort in a highly collaborative team culture and a hierarchical team structure.
– Ability to adjust quickly to changing conditions and requirements.
– Experience in handling ambiguity, simplifying requirements, and distilling use cases down to deliver solutions.
– Good problem-solving, debugging, and troubleshooting skills.
– Strong knowledge of software security best practices and the application of the secure-by-design and secure-by-default principles.
– 5+ years of software development experience, preferably with Python.
– 5+ years of front-end development experience.
– Strong fundamentals of working with a range of storage engines (MySQL, Elasticsearch, Redis, etc.)
– Experience in using version control, and using/setting up common code development and testing tools (git, docker, vagrant etc.)
– Experience with building and maintaining CI/CD pipelines.


It would help if you have…

– Experience in running and maintaining containerized applications and container orchestration.
– Knowledge in application logging, monitoring, alerting tools (AWS CloudWatch, Zabbix, Sentry, Sumo Logic, New Relic, etc.) and application performance tuning.
– Basic knowledge in provisioning and managing application environments and containers using different IaC tools (Ansible, Puppet, Chef etc.)
– Experience with Agile methodologies, namely Kanban and Scrum.


Avaaz is a fully virtual organization, coordinating work using email, Slack and other tools. Our staff are based in cities all over the world. For this position, the candidate would ideally be based in the following time zones: -05 UTC to +2 UTC outside of daylight savings. Avaaz will support you to set up a home or co-working environment that leads to excellence in delivery and long-term sustainability.

Compensation and Benefits

– Salary varies with location and experience, and is highly competitive with leading international nongovernmental organisations.The full-package salary for this position ranges from € 51,172 – € 85,286 EURO or local equivalent, depending on local cost of living and experience. An accurate range in local currency will be provided to candidates.
– 5 weeks paid vacation per year
– 10 paid holidays per year
– $3,000 USD or local equivalent for training and development per year
– $1,500 USD or local equivalent for language development per year
– Out-of-Home Workspace Rental

To apply for this job please visit secure.avaaz.org.

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