Sales Representative wanted remotely in a U.S Company

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Language Proficiency: Must be highly proficient in English to ensure effective communication with clients and team members.
Time Zone Proximity: Be located in a region that allows you to work seamlessly with EST/PST time-zones.
Sales Experience: Bring at least 2+ years of high-level sales experience to our team.
Tech-Savvy: Possess a thorough understanding of web products & tech, understanding the essentials of good website design, landing pages, and CTAs.
Autonomy: Be ready to take the initiative and dive into work, being proactive about asking questions and learning.
Organizational Skills: Exhibit adept organizational skills, preferably with experience using a Sales CRM such as Hubspot, Salesforce, etc.
Team Player: While friendly competition is appreciated, our team thrives on collaboration and collective success.
Determination: Although sales can be challenging, your persistent, hardworking, and determined nature will enable you to close deals effectively.

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