A Community Leader & Host wanted in a travel company based in Europe.

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A Community Leader & Host wanted in a travel company based in Europe.

This is what makes this job interesting…

You’ll be paid to travel around the world if employed!

The company has a membership of approximately $2,000 to $3,000 monthly. Their members pay this sum to have interesting travel experiences around the world.

As a Community Leader, you’ll be traveling the world with 20 other freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote professionals, living and working together from a new city every month.

Yes, you’ll be responsible for the logistics of setting up a new destination, but that’s the easy part… You’ll find the ultimate match to your people skills and your natural leadership in the moments where you need to bring this group of 20 together and foster a real sense of community, wherever in the world we go.

You will be traveling a lot and you’ll be surrounded by people who are just as curious and excited about the world as you are.

When on a trip, you’ll be expected to work up to 20 hours per week [leading & organizing your community]

You qualify for this role if…

You’re a natural leader.
You’re confident.
You’re brave.
You’re Reliable.
You can ‘feel’ the room.
You’re a people person.
You’re a community builder.


Be an exemplary member of the community (live and breathe our values)
Protect and foster the culture (the vibe) of the company on each community your lead.

Introduce new members to our culture to help them succeed.

Be a leader that empowers others.

Encourage members to shape or co-create their own experiences.

Prepare the housing and internet set-up for the group to arrive

Collaborate with the landlord and sourcing team for any issues that need to be resolved (e.g. internet, housing quality, safety, etc.)

Make it feel safe and comfortable for members to arrive.

Work with the Product team to improve the Chapter experience


Compensation: $1,500 – $2,450 per community you handle.
You’ll run 6-8 Communities per year and get all the networking and community benefits our members pay for.
All flights to, from, and between destinations
All accommodation while running a trip
Flexible hours: just get the job done and make your magic happen.
Between $100-$300/month subsidy for adventures (weekend trips!)


To apply for this job please visit wifitribe.co.

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