ReactJS Web Developer is wanted in a SaaS company in Germany

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At least 3 years of commercial experience

Strong proficiency in modern JavaScript, browsers (and their quirks) including stylesheets and DOM manipulation.

Previous commercial experience building component-based web applications.

A practical approach to development including the reuse of shared components and open source projects rather than always reinventing the wheel.

In-depth knowledge of the ReactJS ecosystem including Redux, Redux-Saga, Reselect, Styled Components.

An appreciation of good UI/UX design and the ability to translate wireframes into high quality, reusable code.

Fluid in the different approaches to storing and structuring data (e.g. Immutable Structures).

An understanding of test driven development with frameworks like Jest.

Experience with browser-based debugging and performance optimisation.

Common development tools such as Git, Babel, Create-React-App and Yarn have been part of your toolkit for a while.

Some experience with React Native. Even if it was a small demo or side project.

Startup-Spirit (ambition, flexibility & willingness to experiment)

You are able to work and communicate with your teammates through our core hours (11am to 4pm german timezone)


Knowledge of some of the new cutting-edge ECMAScript features.

If you have experience with web workers and/or progressive webapps, you would definitely be hitting the ground running by bringing in new skills into the team!

Some exposure to Typescript.

Mobile app development in either/both the iOS and Android ecosystems.

Commercial React Native experience.

Experience iteratively moving/upgrading an older code base to a newer platform. (We are currently migrating BackboneJS to ReactJS)

Regular contributor or author to an open source project.


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