A remote Digital Marketing Manager is wanted in a company in Singapore.

  • Full Time
  • Remote


Skrapp.io is a fast-growing SaaS company helping millions of professionals worldwide grow their businesses and broaden their reach. We provide an advanced B2B data and email research tool that allows B2B marketers and salespeople outreach their customers and collect relevant business information.

We are looking for a Digital Marketing Manager to set up and execute marketing and growth strategies adopted in the SaaS industry.

The scope of the Digital Marketing Manager is:

Content Creation:

Set up a content strategy.
Create relevant content using AI technologies or manually.
Hire and manage content creators when needed.
Internal Nurturing:

Create a customer and prospect nurturing workflow.
Create and manage a conversion funnel.
Create and manage internal email campaigns.
PPC & Advertising:

Create, manage, optimize, and track Google Ads campaigns.
Discover complimentary advertising platforms.

Create healthy link creation and exchange strategy.
Drive search engine ranking using organic methods.
Ensure a safe link toxicity score.
Optimise and track overall SEO metrics.
Hire and manage SEO experts when needed.

Buffer content on social media.
Drive engagement.


The Digital Marketing Manager can hire complimentary talent to handle the aforementioned scope.
We require a minimum experience of 5 years in digital marketing in the SaaS industry or software. The skills that are required are:

– Content creation

– Advertising campaigns

– Email Marketing

– Market Research


– Social Media Management

We only offer contractor/freelancer contracts to our team members with yearly paid days off (25 days per year). You will be responsible for paying for your local health insurance, and retirement plan.

Work Environment:

We are a team of young professionals working remotely from Spain, France, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates. The position is fully remote; you will enjoy flexible working hours from anywhere in the world. We also plan up to 2 retreats per year to exotic destinations accessible by the team members, which represents a chance to meet, discuss, work, and do fun activities.

To apply for this job please visit apply.workable.com.

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